Meeting With Your Members of Congress Locally.

In an era when electronic communications can be overwhelming, face-to-face meetings with legislators add value to the legislative advocacy process. Your legislators want to hear from you, their constituent, about the important issues facing federal employees in their district, the state, and the country. 

As chapter legislative leaders, our grassroots efforts consist of local visits with district officials because a face-to-face meeting affords time for in-depth communication about ongoing issues that federal employees and retirees face at our campus and puts a face to “federal employees”. Making phone calls to our respective district officials provides immediate impact by personalizing our message and allows for a human connection without a visit to the office. Email communication takes minimal effort and time and allows you to get your message across instantly.

Face-to-face visits with our elected officials (or their staff) are the most influential form of legislative advocacy. This direct meeting can be time-consuming, but it can also be fun, interesting, and highly motivating for those who participate!

Meeting with our legislators face-to-face is the most effective way to get our message across such as advancing federal employee pay. Lagging federal pay rates haven taken a toll on federal employees and their families over the last few years, with their pay raises trailing increases to private sector wages. Like all American workers, federal employees face ever-increasing utility, healthcare, food, and college bills, and have rent and mortgage obligations.

Our legislative advocacy efforts are an important factor in helping to shape legislation impacting federal employees and retirees. And that’s why our chapter legislative leaders continue educating members of congress and helping them understand that yes, federal employees are essential!

That’s why it is so right—and so important—for Congress to vote to assure that federal employees will receive a decent pay raise, secure their hard earned retirement, afford health care for themselves and their families and assure a fair and transparent workplace.  See what you can do! Visit NTEU.org  Legislative Action Center. 


 Sincerely yours,

Nell Arndt, NTEU Chapter 68 Legislative Coordinator 

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