Chapter President’s Memo:    

Although, we are recovering from the heavy snowstorms and wild winds...the calendar and the weather folks report we are headed for spring… someday soon, hopefully!!  I have an update on an important yearly event that takes place in Washington, D.C.  each year in February when NTEU holds its annual Legislative Conference.  This is when NTEU leaders from across the country descend on D.C. and  together we meet with Congress throughout each day.  Gary Karibian, Maria Zangari, Bob Harrington, Nellie Batista and Nell Arndt represented Chapter 68 with passion and dignity during this conference.    Your Chapter and National NTEU leaders met with members of Congress to discuss our  issues and concerns that face us as Federal Employees.  This year we had 5 specific talking points: Fair Pay, Protecting Retirement, Safeguarding Workplace Fairness, Preserving Health Benefits, and Achieving Agency Missions.  These topics are described more in depth further in this newsletter.    It is imperative that we as Federal Employees stand up together.  The realities of an unfriendly Congress and an  unfriendly White House are all too real and in our faces. 

The President has put forth a budget which will cut the IRS by  $1 billion over the next year.  If this cut happens, we as  Federal Employees will be devastated.  Will we have to serve  furlough days?  Probably… and most likely many more than the previous sequester.  Will there be job loss?  There certainly could be.  There are currently calls out there to abolish the IRS altogether as well as abolish collective bargaining.  Without collective bargaining, you  become an at will employee where you could be fired for just about any reason at any time without due process.  Without collective bargaining, management could take away your AWS schedules without notice and without cause.  Without collective bargaining,  management can take away your awards without repercussions.

NTEU is working hard on to protect you from all of these.  Now is not the time to stay  silent.  Now is not the time feel that you don’t have to be a member because you get it all anyway.  Strength comes with numbers.  If you are not a member, you should consider  Joining Today, as this will probably be the toughest fight Federal Employees will have to fight in history!  Is $1 a day worth your job?  Is $1 a day worth your safety?  Is $1 a day worth your raises?  If so, please see a steward or come to the office and become part of the  solution!  As always, those of you who are members, we thank you for your continued  support!  It is through your membership that we have been able to be so successful!

In solidarity,  

Gary Karibian