Rob macfarlane - Executive coordinator

Since being named Nightshift Chief Steward and working in the office for these past few years, I have been immersed in all administrative and technical aspects of the chapter.  I have processed many different types of grievances, protected Members in TIGTA investigations, crafted many Oral Replies and have been both a technical advisor and a witness in Chapter Arbitration cases.  I love this job.  I enjoy working with you, our Members in any way necessary.  This position gives me the opportunity to be close with our members and work at the ground level to ensure employee rights!  If you need help, I am here to serve.  Thank you for giving me your trust and I look forward to working for all of you!

Gary karibian - President

Leadership is defined as "the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group.".  I am excited to lead such a proud, diverse and dynamic Membership as is found in NTEU Chapter 68.  I have a B.A. in Business Administration where I focused on leadership.  I have come through the ranks as a Check In Check Out Steward, then as a Full Time Steward, and was elevated to Acting Chief Steward.  My vision for our chapter centers around three very basic words.  I am referring to Solidarity, Results, and Integrity.  I wish to create a stronger more successful chapter.  One very important thing I would like to improve on is communication.   I also believe in an educated membership.  Knowledge is power and I look forward to working with all of you to make us all more knowledgeable driving us all to success!


Noelia "nellie' batista - treasurer

As with the rest of the board, I too am excited to taking on the challenge of being an Executive Board Member.  As Treasurer I will be monitoring the funds of the Chapter as well as keeping/creating reports for the Members.  I currently have 7 accounting classes under my belt and I am actively working towards my degree in accounting.  It is important that the Chapter knows where their funds are going to and maintaining integrity and purpose with each check written.  I am a "no nonsense" steward and I will carry that to the executive board making sure that each penny spent will be for good cause.  Thank you for having faith in me and I look forward to meeting all of you and working on your behalf.


Barbara (Thomas) Doumaney- membership trustee

Barbara Thomas has worked with the IRS for almost 20 years, splitting time between day and night shift. Barbara has in depth knowledge of both the National Agreement and the CSA. Barbara is one of the longest standing stewards on the cadre with 17 years of experience in NTEU. She has used the knowledge she has gained from those years to advocate for member rights and battle for the needs and respect members deserve. She has been involved in every type of case imaginable including Harassment, EEO, Annual Appraisals, Leave, FMLA, and the list goes on...Barbra is a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board. Over the past 3 years she has served as the Chapter Secretary and handled the majority of the chapter administrative duties. Along with the other members of the board, she takes employee rights extremely personally and tells it like it is when upholding the contract.


Bob Harrington has been an NEU steward for over six years. For the past two years he has worked part time in the Union Office giving him the opportunity to work with a dynamic range of people and issues. Bob has a busy job in the office as the main contact for incoming calls, emails, as well as assigning all of the 7114 meetings making sure Union Representatives were there for you! Bob has experience as a steward in filing grievances on performance issues, attendance, and conduct concerns. He has also worked on Oral Replies and has extensive knowledge of the CSA, the Contract and many other MOU's which impact your daily lives. Bob's experience have made him a much sought after steward by our members. Bob has also been a leader legislatively and has attended two legislative conferences with NTEU bringing his experience as an employee to Washington to discuss issues with Members of Congress.

Maria zangari - Executive Vice President

I have been with the IRS for 18 years.  I have held positions in submission processing, adjustments, and most recently in exam as a CET and TCO.  Over the last 10 years my proudest role has been as an NTEU Chapter Steward.  I have handled just about every type of case a steward can be assigned; from Oral Replies, to Negotiations, to TIGTA Interviews and Arbitrations.  For those of you who know me, you know that I do not back down from any challenge.  I stand up and fiercely defend all Members on any issue in front of any adversary.  For those of you who do not know me I look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity of providing you with top notch representation that you deserve. 


Nell's ascent as a steward came swiftly and intensely. Nell has been working at the IRS since 2011 and was appointed as a steward in 2014. Nell very quickly learned the process of filing grievances and in a very short time she was trusted to work on these issues independently and accurately. She has filed grievances on topics such as leave issues, appraisals, and telework. She also has been involved in Oral Replies as well as worked on FMLA, EEO, and Reasonable Accommodation issues. Nell was appointed the Chapter's Legislative Coordinator in 2015. Since then, the Chapter's legislative activities has skyrocketed! As you know, every aspect of the Federal Employee's life is dictated by those who are elected. Nell's work as the Legislative Coordinator has been important and was recognized by National NTEU. She was appointed by the National NTEU office as a member of the National Legislative Advisory Committee which se the 2016 Legislative Agenda for NTEU.

 NTEU Chapter 68 Executive Board

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