Our mission is to educate NTEU Chapter 68 members about legislation, which impacts Federal employees and retirees, and to connect members with the legislators who enact this legislation.

"Employees need to understand that being a NTEU Chapter 68 member is not all there is to the union. All employees need to have their voice heard on Capitol Hill and the Union’s legislative activity is set for just that, so our voices can be heard and our rights protected",

Nell Arndt, NTEU Chapter 68 Legislative Coordinator.

Making our Chapter’s Voice Heard
2018 NTEU Legislative Conference Members Energized for Legislative Conference

NTEU leaders geared up to advocate for fair pay, a secure retirement and other key federal employee issues directly with their members of Congress this week.

Our annual Legislative Conference kicked off Wednesday when more than 350 NTEU mem- bers from around the country and a range of agencies convened in Washington, D.C., for the intensive three-day meeting. Members packed their comfortable shoes, because by the end of the event they would had logged many miles on Capitol Hill to meet with their members of Congress or their staff to discuss NTEU’s priority issues. They pressed for fair pay, affordable health care, adequate agency funding, protecting employee rights and retirement benefits, and achieving agency missions.

Chapter 68 leaders had scheduled visits with their respective Senators, Representatives and their staffs from the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

These scheduled visits were face-to-face contact to inform our district officials on the issues that affect us. These face-to-face contact and the personal stories that accompanied our mem- bers take our issues from the theoretical to the personal level. Chapter 68 leaders were devoted to educating Congress about federal employee issues; issues important to our chapter mem- bers. And hearing from federal employees ensures that each congressperson understands that her or his decisions impact real people and their families.

Our chapter leaders’ discussed NTEU's legislative priorities include improving federal em- ployee pay and bringing parity with our private-sector counterparts, protecting federal retire- ment, funding agencies adequately, providing fairness in the workplace for federal employees, and safeguarding healthcare benefits. Congress needs to hear from us! NTEU makes it simple to make your voice heard.

Sincerely yours,

Nell Arndt, NTEU Chapter 68 Legislative Coordinator

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